M.A.C. Alert

Calling all beauty lovers and more specifically lovers of the brand M.A.C.

Ulta recently announced the popular brand will now be sold in their stores starting May 7th. To drum up excitement and get the party started, they are offering a one day only FLASH sale on a specific item which was recently announced. The product? A limited edition lip palette found exclusively at ULTA. The website shares this:  Read More


The Price We Pay.

“Grief starts to become indulgent, and it doesn’t serve anyone, and it’s painful. But if you transform it into remembrance, then you’re magnifying the person you lost and also giving something of that person to other people, so they can experience something of that person.”

Oh, there you are again. I dare to say hello. It’s been awhile since we’ve connected, hasn’t it? Dark. Looming. Painful. You always linger longer than I ask and show up uninvited. I expect you during the holidays and know you’ll show up like clockwork towards the end of July, but deciding to pop up this week without warning was not the kind of surprise I was hoping to be gifted with. Read More

Why You Should Drink Lemon Water

Refreshing and invigorating lemon water. Sure, I’ve heard and seen people touting the benefits of lemon water especially in the morning but to be honest with you I usually only consume this drink on forced detox days… or in other words, days I am feeling guilty about excessive drinking or poor eating habits. Bad Asha. Read More

The Year I Learned to Live: 2016

2016 — you were it. While others seemingly found you to be the worst, I found you to be the best. You were my greatest teacher and filled with invaluable life lessons. This year was filled with more growth and love than ever before. Read More

When Strangers become Friends. 

From stranger – to wedding makeup artist – to friend – to business partner!! 🎨💕I owe so much of my 2016 changed life perspective to Nicole. She made me feel beautiful on the outside for all of my important events during this last year, but it was the power of her words and positive force in my life that had the greatest impact. I started using R+F because of her recommendation and the change in my skin led to my desire to want to try the business and my life has truly EXPANDED and been BETTER since. 🚀

You’re amazing, motivating, powerful and strong, Nicole. Thankful for the way life works and for strangers who become dear friends. Happy birthday, lady! 💎 #bossbabes #happybirthday #girlpower #cheersto2017 

All I Want For Christmas [Makeup] is THIS

The Glitz and Glam life just got a whole new player added to the game with today’s preview of Mariah Carey + MAC Cosmetics Holiday Makeup Collection. I’m in absolute sparkle heaven. The entire line is packaged in dazzling silver and gold trimmed elements and the products are all named after famous song lyrics and diva inspired words by MC herself.

While I have yet to see them in person (online release Dec 8th and in store purchase available Dec 15th) my must haves so far are shown below. Favorite ever?! “Dreamlover” lipglass. Aside from this being my go-to happy mood, car dancing song, the color alone is just so pretty!

I’ve loved Miss Mariah since I was a child and I am SO excited to get my hands on these products. I’m sure they will sell out fast.

Happy shopping, butterfly babes!


Why LOVE always wins.

Photo credit: Female Entrepreneur Association

There was a time, before social media and the mass instigation it can cause, where life events occurred and then… we simply moved on. We were forced to move on.

No back and forth petty arguments in comment boxes ensued, no posting of passive aggressive quotes and pictures to hurt others — (without having to watch their reactions in front of our face) and no incessant bullying, or on the flip side, preaching without action.

Democracy is fundamentally important because it allows us as a group to decide. We have that right as a privilege and whether “your side” won this year or not, the fact now stands we have a new president elect and no amount of gloating nor angry venting helps either cause.

What it DOES do is continue to divide and further eliminate the healing that is needed now, more so than ever.

It blows my mind to see so many hateful opinions (on both sides) being thrown out with the quick type of emotionally charged fingers to the social media world.

There’s such a disturbing lack of faith in each other as a community and also such an unwarranted arrogance as if any of us have a direct correlation to the pride of the party who won.

When did we start treating our neighbors as our enemy?

Who told us to “be right” is to be first or “to win” is to be better?

Who made us the keeper of another’s emotions or the deciding factor on how people should feel?

Because my social media feed shows me that so many of those around me think they hold that power and in reality, they don’t.

The bottom line is, life goes on and we HAVE to be the reason it does. The power doesn’t lie in one man’s hands, hence, democracy.

Use today’s feelings to move forward and do so in the spirit of life, liberty and the ultimate pursuit of HAPPINESS.

Words matter. And you can’t take words back.

 Love each other – be nice to each other – mind your manners, cast your judgements aside and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

 I have love for you all – religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and political affiliation inclusive. I will be praying everyday that this love in my heart carries over to assist the change I wish to see on a personal level of those around not me – not just on our countries level.


Product Spotlight: LASH BOOST

Please welcome LASH BOOST to the beauty world!

The day has arrived and I couldn’t be more excited. The long awaited Lash Boost was released today to all U.S. customers and as expected, it’s selling quickly.

If you have been hiding under a rock –  (i.e. you don’t follow me on any social media platforms) and don’t know what Lash Boost is, I will gladly share with you.

Lash Boost is a nightly eyelash conditioning serum that pairs with any of our R+F Regimens to enhance the natural appearance of your lashes in just 4 weeks* for lashes that are fuller-looking, longer-looking, and darker-looking so that you can feel beautiful anytime, anywhere.

What does Lash Boost do exactly?

Good question! It uses the same Multi-Med® Therapy that all of our skincare regimens use to instead moisturize, nourish and protect your LASHES! The ingredients listed below work in combination with each other to do the following:

  • Panthenol and Sodium Hyaluronate attract moisture to the lash, promoting flexibility and resilience
  • Biotin & Keratin infuse protein to help protect against future damage
  • Peptides provide nutrition to the lashes, enhancing durability and supporting a more voluminous appearance

I am personally thrilled about this product because of the fact that I have very sensitive eyes and am a daily contact lens user. Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty services right now. My dear friend Eileen is the owner of Eye Candy PDX and I was so excited to get my lashes done by her. She is one of the best in the business and to have her on my eyelash train is beyond exciting! Unfortunately for me though, I was disappointed to find out that my sensitive eyes just couldn’t handle it. Literally mid application, we had to stop because my contact wearing eyes were not having it and refused to accept anything “foreign” on them. (Believe me – I begged her to keep going because hello, sometimes beauty is worth the pain – but being the beauty professional she was she advised against it and wamp wamp, back to my natural “maybe I was born with – no I definitely was born with it” lashes I went).

My go to for anything extra then has had to be strip lashes which are great for weddings and one night events, but on a daily basis not practical.

Lashes are the frame of your eyes. They not only add to your eyes and open them up, but they also allow for wearing less make up and keep your eyes as the focal point of your face. Whoever said that “your eyes are the window to your soul” was absolutely right. Eyes play a huge role in first impressions – eye contact being the main reason people either immediately trust you or don’t and the way they glean their first instinct about you.

This product is revolutionary and beneficial. The best part is that from now until Jan 2 (or while supplies last) you get two free gifts with purchase. A travel sized mini eye cream and this adorable custom cosmetic bag (see below!) After Jan 2, the price will remain the same for the product alone and the holiday gift set of eye cream and cosmetic bag will go away.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost – Holiday Special 2016

To order, simply click through to my website, add to your cart and check out as you normally do!


Don’t forget to take your “before” pictures prior to starting the product.

I can’t wait to see your after results and will be sharing mine as well.



What to wear to the Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Outfit

It’s official! I’ve finally gone to my first Pumpkin Patch. Yes, 33 years old and I had yet to go pumpkin picking. I blame 18 years of that on growing up in Hawaii, but the last 15 years in Oregon…. I’m not too sure what my excuse is!

The experience was made even more exciting as the pumpkin patch was actually in the backyard of a house owned by my friends’ parents! Now, how cool is that?! Plant, water and wake up in October to your very own pumpkins. These aren’t your run of the mill pumpkins either. They are “Cinderella” pumpkins and as I learned, are the top of the line breed of pumpkins and if sold, would sell for a hefty amount in stores and farms.

My friend and her family have a “Pumpkin Fest” every year, which is basically a fun excuse for their family and neighbors to come together, eat doughnuts, drink coffee and select pumpkins until their Fall desires are met!

The fashionista in me, of course, focused first on my attire. Whenever I think Fall pictures in a field, I think red flannel and Hunter Boots. Luckily, I own both. I threw together this look fairly quickly, paired with my favorite skinny jeans, quilted vest and Columbia jacket for warmth. Complete the look with a top knot and you’re ready to pick!

You can shop my look and it’s similar pieces below.

Next up: figuring out how to decorate the house with these pumpkins. To be continued!



But First, Coffee

Who doesn’t love something FREE!? There’s something thrilling about receiving a free perk or gift of sorts especially when it’s in the creative blogging field. I am always on the lookout for fun freebies especially printables, social media downloads and images. I subscribe to many newsletters and blogs and look forward to their monthly (or weekly) gifts arriving in my inbox!

Today’s freebie comes from The Pretty Blog. In honor of today being #NationalCoffeeDay, they are giving away this adorable print with the ever popular saying “But First, Coffee.” Caffeine-ista’s rejoice, this is OUR morning motto. Am I right?!

Print on cardstock and color of your choice, find a suitable 8.5 x 11 frame and you’ve got the perfect addition to your home office, breakfast nook or bar area.

To get yours, make sure to first subscribe to TPB’s newsletter and confirm your subscription. Once you have done this, you will be allowed to enter into the site by shopping the products or going directly here: Happy Thoughts – Coffee Poster

…and you’re welcome. Cheers, boss babe!

Image taken from The Pretty Blog