Brand New

Well here I am. My very first blog post. Eek! I have been wanting to have my own blog for years and never felt brave enough to do it. Yes, brave. This may sound strange (brave should be involved when contemplating climbing Mount Everest or deciding between a huge career change right?!) but having my own personal thoughts suddenly floating around online for all to see….#yikes. I really wasn’t sure anyone would care to read what my soul had to say either. What changed? The answer: nothing other than age. I just recently turned the big 3-2…yep, two years past 30. I’m ancient! I finally decided that I need to start living a little more and following through on these lost dreams of mine. So here goes nothing. I will have a new post up soon and my hopes (pun intended) is to have a weekly running blog that helps not only my own sanity (my fiancee thanks you internet world) but also gains some lovely new friends and followers. If it ends up that no one reads this or those who do find me *yawn* boooooring – that’s okay too. This is for me – all I can ask is that you keep things kind and keep a little love in your heart with your comments towards me. Talk soon. Bye for now! Xoxo, Asha


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