No Zika, please.

What in the world is going on?!

Within the last few weeks, seemingly straight out of the blue, virus carrying mosquitoes are all over my FB feed and the news, with talks about transferring deformities to babies and scaring pregnant and hopeful soon to be mothers from traveling abroad. What are the odds that these dang mosquitoes have decided to start their warpath of terror right after my amazing bridesmaids just booked a fabulous 4 day trip for us to Cabo San Lucas at an all inclusive resort!?!? This was supposed to be a wild, tropical, dream come true in paradise Bachelorette party for me! And now here we are, faced with the decision to cancel because of “threats” to our unborn-future in the years to come babies or risk it and hopefully learn the little gnats are forced under control soon and no longer carry their foul virus.

This is a serious WWYD situation. I’m so torn. I don’t like to be a worry wart nor an over-analyzer, though let’s be real, that’s me by nature. And I do feel that there are going to be threats anywhere you go – people don’t travel to other countries with perfect conditions by any means or let things scare them from experiences that truly should be had. On the other hand, this “state of emergency” fills my social media and news feeds and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. It’s a flip of a coin, who tells you the final answer and makes that call kind of deal. I’m on the fence but leaning toward saying no go, no risk, let’s play it safe and get crazy in the USA. When you’re handed a choice, do you make the decision that seems best for the future or do you fly with the wind and know that life will take care of you and fears shouldn’t stop you? Final decision to come soon….

Stay tuned.


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