Tell me, about me.

Being adopted at 2 months old was one of the biggest blessings of my life. Being adopted by the mom who chose me and the Hawaii life that embraced me was the ultimate stroke of luck. I wouldn’t change my story or wish to be anyone else. “Who I am” has shaped my mind and heart to be the unconditionally loving, strong, independent and loyal person that I am.

What being adopted does not provide is any connection to my past – where I am from, what makes me me, why I am allergic to mangos 😝 or what genetic make up I might carry on to my future children. Then comes along this little‪ #‎DNAkit‬ that has the power to reveal the questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask and provide some closure to the parts every adopted child struggles with. I am sure it won’t be surprising or reveal my ethnicity is any more than I imagine it to be – ‪#‎indian‬ – but there may be a whole lot else I’ll learn and get to understand about myself and I just can’t wait…. The only way we move forward in life; is to understand our life looking backward. Stay tuned!



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