Birthday love for my boo.

Birthdays are my favorite – maybe not for myself, but always for when it’s the birthday of someone near and dear to me! On March 3, 1984 the world was blessed with the cutest little boy who would then grow up to be handsome, perfect soon to be husband! 😉 I love to shower my friends and family with birthday presents and participate in extravagant social events celebrating their life and entry into this world. Brian on the other hand is much more of an introvert and humble about his birthdays. He literally is fine with a low key dinner with only myself and him in attendance and calling it good. With our wedding around the corner and so many various celebrations for us personally (bachelorette and bachelor party, hellllo!), I am finally on board of having a low key birthday for myself this year but still wanted to do SOMETHING to celebrate my main man. With help from my bff/maid of honor Ellie we got reservations secured to the hottest new PDX restaurant, Renata. This more than appealed to my foodie fiancee! Reservations at this restaurant are currently booked out for months in advance so we were more than excited for this plan.

After surprising Brian with a private town car so he didn’t have to drive us and picking up his friend Ryan, we met up with Ellie and her fiancee, Boyce. The minute we walked into the restaurant, I was blown away by the ambiance and the intimate and sophisticated vibe. The bartenders immediately helped us with our drink orders (the chemistry of the cocktails here are amazing! Not your typical mixed cocktail at an ordinary bar by any means!) To our surprise, the owner of the bar ended up being someone Brian knew from high school. (Go figure, Portland really is the smallest city ever. Ever ever.). The next thing we knew we were wined, dined and spoiled with appetizers galore and the very best wines (Rose all day for me.) I’m not known for being an adventurous eater but when I’m given the opportunity like this, I can bend the rules a bit. I wish I had taken pictures of the food, because the presentation was beyond perfect and so aesthetically pleasing! My favorite was the Arancicni appetizer and of course the Fromaggio plate. (Cheese. My weakness.) Many bottles of wine later and the best pasta and pork chop our table ever had, we were full and happy and crazy impressed with this place!

We ended the night at a the most random bar up the street, and a town car drive later we were home. The next day – yeah you could say we weren’t feeling well (32 year old hangovers are like 21 year old hangovers times a thousand) but it was worth the calories, headache the next day, and the fact that Brian finally let me celebrate him the way he deserves.

Xoxo, Asha




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