Honeymoon: Day 1 (Otherwise known as Travel Day)

It’s finally here!!! A month and half (almost) has passed since our wedding and the much needed back to reality check of work and a normal life has given us the time to prepare and build the anticipation for our honeymoon! Tonight, we fly from our home in Portland, Oregon to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Travel time is 12 hours total with two stops – one in Detroit and the next in Atlanta. We are going to be pretty tired but it will be worth it…!

 Many people have asked us why we chose the DR. To be honest, we went back and forth on many options, Bora Bora was our first choice – only to find out that travel time is  24 hours. We couldn’t take more than a week or so off of work so that didn’t seem worth it. Italy was next as Brian is half Italian – other half African American – (my hottie husband!) but let’s be honest Italy is no cheap feat… So back to the drawing board we went.

 I ended up entering a blog contest from @theeverygirl that asked who I would take on a trip to Eden Roc and why… and lucky me, I won a two night stay to this ultimate resort! (More to come on this.) We are talking luxury vacay at its finest! Being that the free trip was only for two nights, we decided to look into the area and found out how immensely popular Punta Cana is for its mostly all inclusive resorts and breathtaking Carribean beaches. Eden Roc is not all inclusive so we chose to save money and find another place to go for a few days prior to ER. After four or five days of researching the best resorts (Brian everyday to me: Just book something. Me: “One more day!  I need to make sure it’s the one!” (Aren’t we women funny?!) We decided upon Pardisus Resort by Melia Hotels with the option of having the Royal Service. The services listed on the hotel website are that you are provided access to your own 24/7 butler and access to top of the line drinks, food and ammenities exclusive to the royal service guests. Oh la la! Six nights will be spent there and we will then move to Eden Roc for the last two nights of our honeymoon. 

I’m so excited to get to the Dominican Republic. Brian and I have different days off so our schedule is never the same and we rarely get to spend an actual day together. I’m looking forward to relaxation and unlimited time with my new husband. Husband… The term is something I’m still getting used to saying outloud. It’s like, so, adult. 

Honeymoon tip: Trear yourself to a fun manicure inspired by your destination. Thank you Fumi at Color Treats PDX for my own tropical nails! How cute is the pineapple!? Being from Hawaii I’m obsessed with all things pineapple! 🍍




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