Honeymoon: Day 2 – Arrival


After 12 hours of traveling and two layovers, we have arrived! Travel time… Not gonna lie, we hated it. The red eye from Portland to Detroit was not bad but once we got into Detroit and made our connecting flight, 6 am there was “way too early” feelinv Portland time for our bodies and we felt all kinds of strange and exhausted on that second flight. By the time we got into Atlanta, we  were definitely ready to hop onto the next flight and get to our honeymoon destination! 

Unfortunately there was a “heating situation” on the plane so we got delayed an hour. Hubby took this opportunity to play the honeymoon card and asked for a seat upgrade. What do you know? It worked! Literally – smooth sailing on our end from there to Punta Cana! We rarely fly Delta on the west coast, so I had no clue what to expect. They definitely surpassed my expectations and treated us kindly and graciously.  The seats on the planes (main cabin included) all come with tvs and plug ins for your devices and ample leg room. First class was truly fun for us and enjoyable and made the final leg of the destination perfect. 

Arrival into Punta Cana’s airport was hectic. We had no idea we had to pay $10 a person to get into the country and that we needed cash or pesos to do so, so customs was tricky and frustrating. We finally took money out from the airport exchange booth using our credit card, got through customs and hit the luggage rounds. A kind man was there with my luggage and asked who we were using as a shuttle to the hotel. He whisked us down to the Blue Shuttle/Expedia counter. And then of course… waited for his tip. “Kind man” was not needed as we had instructions via Expedia to begin with on how to get to the shuttle counter and instead we fell for the oldest trick in the book. We were “those Americans” with the lost – take advantage of us – look on our face! It’s funny now, or it will be when we retell this story to people when we are back right?! $2 tip later we were on the shuttle to our hotel. After a few stops to the resorts around us, our driver took us to our hotel last. Though he did not speak much English, he did tell us that it’s the “American VIP” hotel. Yes! All that research was worth it! 

Shuttle time: approx 40 minutes from the airport to Bavaro Beach location 

Honeymoon tip: Research customs prior to leaving your country. Don’t assume any country will be the same as we did with our past experiences with Mexico. Always carry cash with you. And lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for upgrades or better amenities! You don’t get what you don’t ask for! 


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