Honeymoon: Day 2-3 (Eat, Sleep, Sun + Fun)

I told myself I would blog everyday but the plan went out the window the minute we arrived at the resort! 

We are in heaven here. The resort is stunning and beautiful and the people who work here are awsome – not to mention gorgeous!?! Dominican men and women are stunning! Our Royal Service perks provided us with a personal concierge, or butler. I mean, so fancy right?! His name is Enrique and is just the sweetest and most helpful. He also looks like he could be Brian’s cousin. In fact, many people here think Brian is Dominican. I’m getting such a kick out of it! 

We have a bottom floor suite with an outside patio and day bed and inside, we have a living room, loft like bedroom and the bathroom holds a double shower head shower. Honeymoon ready, si?! The mini fridge is restocked daily and you can request anything you want. (Juices, soda, liquor. Oh the all-inclusive life!) 

We were greeted with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in the room upon check in. 

Such a sweet welcome

Dinner reservations had already been made for us by Enrique at the Adults Only – Royal Service exclusive restaurant, La Palapa. 
The ambiance and decor is striking and modern. White geometric vases surround you and wicked laterns adorn the area. Not paying for anything at dinner is the strangest thing – no prices listed on the menu actually takes some getting used to. The downside that I could see to all inclusive as well is that this can limit your drink choices (if you’re a wino, you will need to pay for the wine you WANT vs the house white or red that is only so-so here) and if you’re craving something in particular food wise, you’re out of luck. Overall though it is is nice to have eveything planned out for you and the mystery taken out of the bill coming that’s for sure! 

Honeymoon Tip: Research research research any all inclusive resorts you look into. Read eveything and as much as you can. I picked our resort based on the food reviews and adults only area and the top of the line premium drinks available. Even with this upscale additions, you will find yourself ordering, eating and drinking several things you may not have been apt to if you had picked the establishment and drink choices. If you can’t roll with the punches and/or want particular items, all inclusive may not be for you. 

La Palapa
Happy Honeymooners


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