Why LOVE always wins.

Photo credit: Female Entrepreneur Association

There was a time, before social media and the mass instigation it can cause, where life events occurred and then… we simply moved on. We were forced to move on.

No back and forth petty arguments in comment boxes ensued, no posting of passive aggressive quotes and pictures to hurt others — (without having to watch their reactions in front of our face) and no incessant bullying, or on the flip side, preaching without action.

Democracy is fundamentally important because it allows us as a group to decide. We have that right as a privilege and whether “your side” won this year or not, the fact now stands we have a new president elect and no amount of gloating nor angry venting helps either cause.

What it DOES do is continue to divide and further eliminate the healing that is needed now, more so than ever.

It blows my mind to see so many hateful opinions (on both sides) being thrown out with the quick type of emotionally charged fingers to the social media world.

There’s such a disturbing lack of faith in each other as a community and also such an unwarranted arrogance as if any of us have a direct correlation to the pride of the party who won.

When did we start treating our neighbors as our enemy?

Who told us to “be right” is to be first or “to win” is to be better?

Who made us the keeper of another’s emotions or the deciding factor on how people should feel?

Because my social media feed shows me that so many of those around me think they hold that power and in reality, they don’t.

The bottom line is, life goes on and we HAVE to be the reason it does. The power doesn’t lie in one man’s hands, hence, democracy.

Use today’s feelings to move forward and do so in the spirit of life, liberty and the ultimate pursuit of HAPPINESS.

Words matter. And you can’t take words back.

 Love each other – be nice to each other – mind your manners, cast your judgements aside and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

 I have love for you all – religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and political affiliation inclusive. I will be praying everyday that this love in my heart carries over to assist the change I wish to see on a personal level of those around not me – not just on our countries level.



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