The Year I Learned to Live: 2016

2016 — you were it. While others seemingly found you to be the worst, I found you to be the best. You were my greatest teacher and filled with invaluable life lessons. This year was filled with more growth and love than ever before.
I learned to let go of the past, to not define myself by prior life stories and to allow love and success into my life that I once thought I was somehow not deserving of. My eyes opened this year to the greatness within me and the power I hold — and I began to write a new story in which I married my best friend, I followed passions and success I desired and I cherished my current friendships as I created and cultivated new ones. I held my mother close to me and inside of me through all this and realized that in losing someone – you are able to find yourself if you let yourself let go and you let yourself let others in.
I am ready to carry this perspective over into 2017 with an open mind and restored spirit. Let’s forgive the past of what has weighed us down and those people that have hurt us along the way. Let’s learn from our mistakes of yesterday so we can crush our goals tomorrow. Let’s let go of all of the shallow and unimportant chatter and search for a deeper life meaning. And most of all, let’s all stop fearing greatness, because it is in all of us.

Cheers , love and light to your next best year, my friends!

Xo, Asha


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