R + F was launched in 2002 by Stanford University-trained dermatologists Katie Rodan, M.D. and Kathy Fields, M.D. The dermatologists first started out selling their lines in retail stores like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, to name a few. In 2008 though, they decided to pull out of the big chain stores when they realized that the majority of their business was not coming from the person behind the counter but instead from word of mouth advertising. You know how we women are – we share everything – from shoe stores, to handbag deals, to beauty products. Once they decided to go the direct sales route, the business has taken the skin care industry by storm and as of 2016, we are now the 2nd largest selling premium skincare line, only behind Clinique and yet ahead of popular lines like Lancome, Dior, etc.

The Products


The Rodan + Fields® Points of Difference

Real Solutions to Common Skincare Concerns: Rodan + Fields skincare products are packaged in easy to understand and use regimens that target a customer’s specific skincare concern. Our line addresses  1. Anti aging 2. Discoloration/Sun spot damage 3. Sensitive Skin and 4. Acne prone skin.

A Whole Face Approach: Spot treatments alone just mask a problem, not solve it. Therefore, the Rodan + Fields regimens are created with a series of products that treat the whole face and not just an isolated problem.

Real Medicine for Real Results: Again, because no single medicine can effectively reverse complex skin problems, the regimens contain multiple products which combine the power of real medicine with skincare ingredients. The regimens are referred to as “multi med therapy” – which means they use the right active ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order.

Dermatologist-Created: As practicing dermatologists with over 40 years of combined clinical experience, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields have helped tens of thousands of patients address skincare concerns – and they are still in practice in San Francisco.

Dermatological Skincare That Goes Beyond the Formulations: From problem identification (solution tool) to support such as the RF Connection – (a one-of-a-kind program that links customers directly to a team of dermatological nurses or product experts to get their individual skincare questions answered directly and personally), Rodan + Fields offers the fullest dermatology experience outside of a medical office.

The result: Rodan + Fields makes intelligent dermatology-based treatments available to everyone.

Why I decided to partner with Rodan + Fields

I will be completely honest, when I learned about the opportunity to join Rodan + Fields as a consultant almost a year ago I was not interested in the least. I have never thought of myself as someone who could “sell things”. I simply bought the products because my skin was freaking out and I had a wedding to plan and I was desperate to try something that would help with the brown spots that were popping up on my face, the dullness that was occurring and odd random breakouts.

But the more I followed Rodan + Fields and learned about the business model, I have fallen in love with the products and what the company is doing for the skincare industry . As many of you know, I recently got married and this has opened my eyes to wanting more for myself and for the sake of my future family.

I craved an opportunity beyond just having a job and wanted an opportunity to work on my own terms while still enjoying  freedom and flexibility. This is why I finally decided to jump on board as a consultant and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Trust me when I say I have done my share of research and this company is the real deal. I believe Rodan + Fields has the right product and the winning business model and the fact that I have the opportunity to join in on the success has been truly a blessing to my life – personally and professionally.

Want your own skin consultation? Interested in what R + F can do for you!? Answer a few quick questions by clicking below and the doctors will then provide you with a free customized skincare plan. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!



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