The Price We Pay.

“Grief starts to become indulgent, and it doesn't serve anyone, and it's painful. But if you transform it into remembrance, then you're magnifying the person you lost and also giving something of that person to other people, so they can experience something of that person.” Oh, there you are again. I dare to say hello. … Continue reading The Price We Pay.


When Strangers become Friends. 

From stranger - to wedding makeup artist - to friend - to business partner!! 🎨💕I owe so much of my 2016 changed life perspective to Nicole. She made me feel beautiful on the outside for all of my important events during this last year, but it was the power of her words and positive force … Continue reading When Strangers become Friends. 

Birthday love for my boo.

Birthdays are my favorite - maybe not for myself, but always for when it's the birthday of someone near and dear to me! On March 3, 1984 the world was blessed with the cutest little boy who would then grow up to be handsome, perfect soon to be husband! 😉 I love to shower my … Continue reading Birthday love for my boo.

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