The Price We Pay.

“Grief starts to become indulgent, and it doesn't serve anyone, and it's painful. But if you transform it into remembrance, then you're magnifying the person you lost and also giving something of that person to other people, so they can experience something of that person.” Oh, there you are again. I dare to say hello. … Continue reading The Price We Pay.


The Year I Learned to Live: 2016

2016 -- you were it. While others seemingly found you to be the worst, I found you to be the best. You were my greatest teacher and filled with invaluable life lessons. This year was filled with more growth and love than ever before. I learned to let go of the past, to not define … Continue reading The Year I Learned to Live: 2016

Why LOVE always wins.

There was a time, before social media and the mass instigation it can cause, where life events occurred and then... we simply moved on. We were forced to move on. No back and forth petty arguments in comment boxes ensued, no posting of passive aggressive quotes and pictures to hurt others -- (without having to … Continue reading Why LOVE always wins.

Why I Walk

“The first flash of color always excites me as much as the first frail, courageous bloom of spring. This is, in a sense, my season--sometimes warm and, when the wind blows an alert, sometimes cold. But there is a clarity about September. On clear days, the sun seems brighter, the sky more blue, the white … Continue reading Why I Walk

Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to a new portion of the website called, Thursday Thoughts! Every Thursday, I will share a quote of the week and in turn, discuss my own thoughts about this quote. Quotes to me are essential to everyday life. Yes I am THAT girl. You know the one I'm talking about. The one who posts … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts

Bride-zilla or nah?

So, I've hit that point. After a 13 month engagement with endless celebrating, social activities and barely any planning other than locking the venue down - check it out and tell me this isn't a fairy tale garden wedding come true - and hiring a wedding planner, our wedding is somehow now FIVE months away. Five … Continue reading Bride-zilla or nah?

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