What to wear to the Pumpkin Patch

It's official! I've finally gone to my first Pumpkin Patch. Yes, 33 years old and I had yet to go pumpkin picking. I blame 18 years of that on growing up in Hawaii, but the last 15 years in Oregon.... I'm not too sure what my excuse is! The experience was made even more exciting as … Continue reading What to wear to the Pumpkin Patch


Thursday Thoughts

Welcome to a new portion of the website called, Thursday Thoughts! Every Thursday, I will share a quote of the week and in turn, discuss my own thoughts about this quote. Quotes to me are essential to everyday life. Yes I am THAT girl. You know the one I'm talking about. The one who posts … Continue reading Thursday Thoughts

Honeymoon: Day 1 (Otherwise known as Travel Day)

It's finally here!!! A month and half (almost) has passed since our wedding and the much needed back to reality check of work and a normal life has given us the time to prepare and build the anticipation for our honeymoon! Tonight, we fly from our home in Portland, Oregon to Punta Cana in the … Continue reading Honeymoon: Day 1 (Otherwise known as Travel Day)

Birthday love for my boo.

Birthdays are my favorite - maybe not for myself, but always for when it's the birthday of someone near and dear to me! On March 3, 1984 the world was blessed with the cutest little boy who would then grow up to be handsome, perfect soon to be husband! 😉 I love to shower my … Continue reading Birthday love for my boo.

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